Visiting Group from Grant MacEwan University Came to School of Management

On April 30, School of Management received a group of Canadian visitors. Led by Dr.William Wei, Director of Asia Pacific Center, MacEwan University, the group consists of students, professors, administrative officers and entrepreneurs, 21 members in total, and they were given a warm reception by Prof. Zhao Hong, the vice dean of the School of Management访问团.jpg

Visiting Group from Grant MacEwan University


Prof. Zhao, Dr.Wei and Prof. Jackson Hong ( mentor for MBA students of the School of Management, Guest Prof. of Grant MacEwan University) had a short meeting first. The one hour meeting tackled wide topics on joint education and global projects collaboration. Then Prof. Zhao summarized the long history of GUCAS and School of Management and the educational feature and mode of and GUCAS. She also talked about GUCAS’s educational system and different programs.