Study in Italy

Ms. Hu Hong (MBA student) and Ms. Yang Wenning( Academic Graduate student) went to Italy in Oct. 2014 and started their life in School of Management, MIP. They would study there for a year and got their overseas Master’s Degree upon completion of thesis defense.


At the beginning of the New Year, they wrote down their experience in Italy and shared with those who would like to study overseas.


Ms. Hu Hong said,


Time flies and it is almost two months since I have been to Milan. On the one hand, I am experiencing loneliness and challenges all by myself, and on the other hand, I am feeling the unique culture of this city and learning brand new courses for Masters.


MIP held a welcome ceremony for the new foreign students and showed us around the campus and the learning facilities. It also organized a tour of culture, and we were led to visit Torre Branca, the city center, and the famous Via Montenapoleone.


I chose to major in Industrial Enterprise Management. The learning process was divided into three stages. The first stage included one and a half months, and the following courses would be learned:ITALIAN LANGUAGEACCOUNTING & FINANCEQUANTITATIVE METHODS & BUSINESS STATISTICSECONOMICS & INDUSTRIAL ECONOMICSORGANIZATION & THEORY DESIGNINTRODUCTION TO MARKETING & MADE IN ITALY. In the second stage, from Jan. to June, I would be arranged to involved in three international programs with other students, and the courses included supply chain and project management. The last stage was for thesis writing. I could choose to write an academic thesis or go to practice in the enterprises and complete the thesis there. The course information could be found on the school website, and the coordinators would inform the students through emails of what they should prepare in advance. Some courses were learned online, but most courses were still taught in class. There were case discussions in each course. Students could form groups and hand in the case analyses in the given time.


Italy is rich in food culture. Students can cook by themselves or buy from restaurants. As for housing, they can choose to live in the school dorm, or rent a house. The language there is Italian, and English is not very popular. So it is suggested that the applicants learn some Italian before they come to Italy. The school also offersItalian language course. Italian people are very friendly, and it is very easy to make friends with them.


In a short period of two months, I heard different voices and felt different lifestyles. From here, I would travel to more places, and I believe, this would be a precious experience.


Ms. Yang Wenning said,


MIP is located in Bovisa district. It is very quiet here. There are bars almost every hundred meter along the street. Bars are very polular here.


The Italians have heavy accent when they speak English. When I first arrived here, it was difficult for me to understand their English, but it was better after two months’ study and living here. The atmosphere in class is quite relaxed and I like the teachers in the school. They helped a lot both in my stydy and in my life.


Italy is heaven for those who love delicious foods. Pizza, spagetti, chocolate, wine, cheese, coffee…… Life here is really great!