School of Management Signed MOU with Freetech Road Recycling Technology Ltd. Co.

The Signing Ceremony for the Memorandum of Understanding between School of Management and Freetech Road Recycling Technology Ltd. CompanyFreetechwas conducted at Zhong Guan Cun Campus of UCAS on the morning of Mar.27th  morning of March 27th. Executive Dean of the School, Prof. WANG Shouyang, the Vice Deans of the School, Prof. ZHAO Hong and Prof. DONG Jichang, the President of Freetech, Mr. SHI Weibin, Vice President of Freetech, Mr. FAN Xiaoshan, the Director of Strategic Cooperation Department, Ms. ZHANG Yan attended the ceremony.


At the beginning of the ceremony, Professor Wang Shouyang made a speech and showed his gratitude towards the endeavor that Freetech has done for the higher education. He mentioned that Freetech had set Scholarship in CAS since 2007. Up till now there have been more than ten excellent students that received the scholarship. He believed the cooperation between School of Management and Freetech in the future would be win-win cooperation.


President SHI Weibin reviewed the history of the cooperation between the company and CAS. He was quite glad that the previous winners of the Freetech Scholarship have become the elites in different areas. He was looking forward to the further cooperation with School of Management.


Prof. Wang and President Shi signed the MOU after then.


According to the agreement, both sides will cooperate in the establishment of the Freetech science and technology center. They will actively carry out the relevant academic research on the conservation of resources, environmental protection and economic development.