XIAO Jianhua

Name:  XIAO Jianhua

Title:Associate Professor

Research Areas: Intellectual Capital, Financial Strategy Management

E-mail: xiaojh@ucas.ac.cn


Highest Degree&Year Earned: Ph.D, 2011

Discipline: Business Administration


Publication in the Past 5 Years:

1)English Journals&Journal Citations (SSCI/SCI/EI/CSSCI)

1.J Xiao, Cao L , Zhang L . OIQ or OEQ, which matters more: evidence from China[J]. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 2018, 31(2):00-00.       CSSCI


2) Chinese Journals&Journal Citations (SSCI/SCI/EI/CSSCI): 

1. Jianhua Xiao, Jingting Shao, Ruofan Wang. Is the diversification strategy of derivative enterprises of scientific research organizations conducive to their performance—— Evidence from Listed Companies in China [J]. Research on science and technology management, 2020,40 (20): 117-122 CSSCI

2. Ruofan Wang, Jianhua Xiao: should scientific research organizations control their derivative Enterprises -- Based on the research of derivative enterprises of listed scientific research organizations in China CSSCI 2020 

3. Jianhua Xiao,Zhao Ying: Research on key elements of innovation competitiveness of start-ups from the perspective of intellectual capital, science and technology progress and policy, 2018 CSSCI 

4. Ying Zhao, Jianhua Xiao. Comparative study on key elements of innovation competitiveness of service and manufacturing start-ups [J]. China Science and Technology Forum, 2017.11:99-106 CSSCI 

5. Jianhua Xiao and Jianfang Zhang: Research on governance mode and synergy of virtual clusters in China: Taking the service industry as an example, science and technology progress and policy, 2016 CSSCI 

6. Ying Zhao, Jianhua Xiao, Ling Sun: comparative analysis of collaborative mode of publishing industry chain and Chinese and foreign cases, publishing research, 2016, CSSCI CSSCI 

7. Xiao Jianhua, Jianfang Zhang: Research on innovation driving factors of scientific research organizations - from the perspective of the relationship between intellectual capital factors, research on science and technology management, February 2016, CSSCI CSSCI 

8. Yan Li, Jianhua Xiao, etc.: Research on the quality characteristics of leading talents in China's scientific and technological innovation, China's human resources development, 2015, CSSCI CSSCI 


Projects Statistics:

1) Number of Research Projects in the Past 5 Years: 2

2) Number of Industrial Projects in the Past 5 Years: 4


Teaching Cases: 1