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          Name: WANG Qian


          Title: Associate Professor


          Tel: 86-10-62521051




          Research Areas:


            Logistics/Supply Chain Management


            Service and Operations Management


            Revenue Management



Wang Qian is an Associate Professor at the School of Economics and Management, UCAS. Her current interests are in Applied Operations Research, particularly in the areas of supply chain management, service and operations management and revenue management, and her research papers have been published in Transportation Science, European Journal of Operational Research, Naval Research Logistics, Computers and Operations Research, Journal of Operational Research Society, and Annals of Operations Research.



2000     PhD.      State University of New York at Buffalo, USA

1995     M. S.     Institute of Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

1992     B. S.      Nanchang University, China


Professional Experience

2005 -                             Associate Professor at UCAS

2003 - 2005                     Post-Doctorate Fellowship at University of Toronto, Canada           

2000 - 2002                     Sr. Operations Research Specialist at SynQuest, Inc., Arlington, Virginia, USA

1998 and 1999 Summer    Instructor at SUNY at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York, USA               



Selected publications in journals

[1] Berman, O., Z. Drezner, Q. Wang and G. O. Wesolowsky, “The Route Expropriation Problem”, IIE Transactions 40(4), 468-477, 2008

[2] Berman, O. and Q. Wang, “Locating semi-obnoxious facilities with expropriation”,  Computers and Operations Research 35, 392-403, 2008

[3] Baron, O., O. Berman, D. Krass and Q. Wang, “The Equitable Location Problem on the Plane”, European Journal of Operational Research 183, 578-590, 2007

[4] Berman, O. and Q. Wang, “Locating semi-obnoxious facilities with expropriation: minisum criterion”, Journal of Operational Research Society 58, 378-390, 2007

[5] Batta, R., O. Berman and Q. Wang, “Balancing staffing and switching cost in a call/service center”, European Journal of Operational Research 177, 924-938, 2007

[6] Berman, O. and Q. Wang, “Inbound logistic planning: minimizing transportation and inventory cost”, Transportation Science 40, No. 3, 287-299, 2006

[7] Wang, Q., R. Batta and R. J. Szczerba, “Sequencing the processing of incoming mail to match an outbound truck delivery schedule”, Computers and Operations Research 32, 1777-1791, 2005

[8] Wang, Q., R. Batta and C. M. Rump, “Facility location models for immobile servers with stochastic demand”, Naval Research Logistics 51 (1), 137-152, 2004

[9] Vamanan, M., Q. Wang, R. Batta and R. J. Szczerba, “Integration of COTS software products ARENA & CPLEX for an inventory/logistics problem”, Computers and Operations Research 31 (4), 533-547, 2004

[10] Wang, Q., R. Batta, J. Bhadury and C. M. Rump, “Budget constrained location problem with opening and closing of facilities”, Computers & Operations Research 30 (13), 2047-2069, 2003

[11] Wang, Q., R. Batta and C. M. Rump, “Algorithms for a facility location problem with stochastic customer demand and immobile servers”, Annals of Operations Research 111, 17-34, 2002


Current Research

[1] Coordinated Decisions of Order Acceptance and Scheduling under a Make-to-order Environment

[2] Dynamic Order Acceptance and Scheduling with Stochastic Demand and Setup Time

[3] An Integrated Model for Site Selection and Space Determination of Distribution Centers



Applied Probability and Statistical Inference;

Applied Statistics;

Topics in Behavioral Economics (seminar);

Data, Models and Decisions;

Management Research Methods;

Managerial Statistics;

Operations Management;

Revenue Management;