Name:  WANG Qian

Title:Associate Professor

Research Areas: Operations Management, Supply Chain Management


Administrative Title: Administrative Director of <Management Review>


Highest Degree&Year Earned: Ph.D, 2000

Discipline: Management Science and Engineering


Publication in the Past 5 Years: 

1) English Journals&Journal Citations (SSCI/SCI/EI/CSSCI) 

1.When are stakeholder pressures effective?An extension of slack resources theory, International Journal of Production Economics 199, 138-149, 2018, with Chengyong Xiao, Qian Wang, Taco van der Vaart, and Dirk Pieter van Donk.  SCI 

2.When Does Corporate Sustainability Performance Pay off? The Impact of Country-Level Sustainability Performance, Ecological Economics 146, 325-333, 2018, with Chengyong Xiao, Qian Wang, Taco van der Vaart, and Dirk Pieter van Donk.       SSCI 

3. “An integrated model for site selection and space determination of warehouses”, Computers and Operations Research 62, 169-176, 2015, with Huang Simin, Rajan. Batta, Ragesh. Nagi.      SCI 

4. L. Xu, Q. Wang, S.M. Huang, “Dynamic order acceptance and scheduling problem with sequence-dependent setup time”, International Journal of Production Research53(19), 5797-5808, 2015.  


2) Chinese Journals&Journal Citations (SSCI/SCI/EI/CSSCI): 

1. Cuilian Wu, Qian Wang, Xin Tian, Li Cai, research on pricing and revenue coordination strategy of online group purchase, operations research and management 26 (7), 117-124, 2017 CSCD 

2. Cuilian Wu, Qian Wang, Xin Tian, Qinghong Chen, "Research on merchant sales strategy selection based on online group purchase and advertising investment", management review 28 (10), 122-131, 2016 CSSCI 

3. Fang Ma, Qian Wang, "Research on online group purchase advertising strategy based on the law of sales volume fluctuation over time", management modernization 36 (3), 82-862016 CSSCI 

4. Qian Wang, Chunyu Xie, Yiwen Cui, "Research on quality incentive of newsboy problem under asymmetric information", management review 30 (6), 227-237, 2018 CSSCI


Projects Statistics:

1) Number of Research Projects in the Past 5 Years: 1