WANG Dongmei王冬梅.jpg

          Name: WANG Dongmei


          Title: Associate Professor


          Tel: 86-10-82680700




          Research Areas:


            Financial Accounting


            Financial Analysis



Wang Dongmei is an associate professor at the School of Economics and Management, UCAS. She is also a senior member of Accounting Society of China(ASC) and a reviewer of Management Review. Her research fields include Financial Accounting, Financial Analysis and Chinese Style Management Study.



2010    PhD.      Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

1992    M.S.      University of Int'l Business & Economics

1987    B.S.       Southeast University


Professional Experience

1999 -              Associate Professor at UCAS

1993 - 1999      Lecturer at Beijing Institute of Business

1992 - 1993      Project Manager at China Machinery Import & Export Corporation(CMEC)

1987 – 1989     Assistant Engineer at Institute of High Energy Physics



Selected publications in international journals

[1] Wang Dong-mei, Wang Peng. A study on similar financial models in manufacturing sector[J].Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing, 2012, 8(1):80-89

[2] WANG Peng, ZHOU Xiaowen, WANG Dongmei. A case study on consolidated financial statements of Beijing Yanjing Brewery Co. LTD.[C].Proceedings 2011 International Conference on Management Science and Intelligent Control, August 24-26, 2011:31-34

[3] WANG Dong-mei. Similar financial models: are they free lunches? [J]. Chinese Business Review, 2009(8): 17-25

[4] Dongmei Wang, Na Liu. Negative working capital management: an up-to-the limit application of the concept of supply chain management in corporate finance[C]. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Risk Management & Global e-Business, 2009: 549-556

[5] Hongqing Tang, Dongmei Wang. An empirical study on the impact of fair value measurement on rate of return on equity[C]. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Risk Management & Global e-Business,2009: 748-754

[6] Dongmei Wang, Qinqin Yu, Hongqing Tang. An Empirical Study on Key Factors Influencing the Value of IT Companies Listed in Overseas Markets[C]. the Eighth Wuhan International Conference on E-Business(WHICEB 2009) , 2009:252-258


Current Research

[1] Comparative study on financial accounting standards

[2] Working capital management of small and medium-sized enterprises




Financial Statement Analysis;

Topics on Financial Statement Analysis (seminar);

Financial Statement Reading and Analysis;