LIU Ronghui刘蓉晖.jpg

          Name: LIU Ronghui 

          Title: Associate Professor 

          Tel: 86-10-82680935, 88256697 


          Research Areas: 

            Applied Psychology 

            Human Resource Management 

            Mental Health Promotion 

            Financial Psychology



Liu Ronghui is an Associate professor at the School of Economics and Management, Administrator of Mental Health Center of UCAS and Adjunct faculty of the University of Rochester. She is Member of Chinese Psychological Society, Member of Council Committee, Mental Health Center, UCAS and Member of American Association of Suicidology (AAS).



2005    PhD.                             Peking University

2000    Master of Psychology     Peking University

1993    B.S.                              Beijing Normal University


Professional Experience

Dec. 2004 -                      UCAS

June 2008 - June 2009      Post Doctoral Fellowship at University of Rochester

Sept. 1993- Nov. 2004       Management institute of CAS



Selected publications in internatinal journals

[1] Li, A., Zhu, T., & Liu, R. (2010). An exploratory research on behavior sample of the Internet in personality assessment. In T. Zhu, Q. Gao, & B. Li (Eds), Proceedings 2010 IEEE 2nd Symposium on Web Society (pp. 744-748). Massachusetts, United States: IEEE press



[1] Liu, R. Chapman, B and Huang,Y. Which suicide attitudes are the strongest predictors of suicide ideation in Chinese college students? (XXVI IASP World Congress,Beijing,China,2011  )

[2] Liu, R. & Wang, L. The asymmetry search of facial expressions ( International Congress of Psychology, Beijing, China, 2004 )

[3] Wang, L & Liu, R. Emotion and cognition: are they split? (International Congress of Psychology, Stockholm, Sweden, 2000)


Current Research

[1] Dynamic Model of personality based on cyber behavior, sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China

[2] Studies of cyber behavior and its implication of mental health and personality



Human Resource Management;

Social Psychology;

Organizational Behavior;