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          Name: LI Hong 

          Title: Associate Professor 

          Tel: 86-10-82680920 


          Research Areas: 

            Cyber Psychology and Behavior 

            Social Psychology 

            Mental Health Promotion at Work Settings 




Dr. Li got her PhD degree in Applied Psychology from Institute of Psychology , Chinese Academy of Science, currently works as associate professor  at School of Economics and Management, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences where she teaches courses: Personality and Social Psychology, Managerial Psychology/ Organizational Behavior and Consumer Behaviors. After Phd graduation, she ever studied and worked at UCLA, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business and Beijing EAP consulting. Her research areas covers cyberpsychology and behaviors, creativity , and mental health promotion at work settings.



2001    PhD.    Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

1996    B.S.     East China Normal University


Professional Experience

2007-             Associate Professor at UCAS

2004-2006      Research Associate at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

2004              Director of R&D at Beijing EAP Consultings

2001-2003      Research Assistant at UCLA



Selected publications in international journals

[1] Su.N, Li, H. (2010). The Evaluation and Comparison of Effectiveness of Cognitive and Behavioral Technique Based Interventions for Burnout and Psychological Well-being. Proceeds of 2010 International Conference on Management Science and Safety Engineering ,919-924

[2] Li, H., Bian, R.(2009) Why Second Generations are Reluctant to Succeed Family Business: An Empirical Study in Chinese Family Business. The Proceedings of International Conference of Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 314- 322

[3] Li, H. Huang, Y.Q. (2009)The Researches on Antecedents of Psychological Distress and Suicide Ideation among Chinese Graduate Students. The Proceedings of International Conference of Education Management and Engineering, 1109-1114

[4] Zeng, X.Q., Li, H. (2009)The antecedents and Mechanism of Organizational Citizenship Behavior at Unit Level in Chinese Organizations: The Role of Social Norm. The Proceedings of International Conference on Innovation Management, 1960-1969

[5] Pei, R.M. Li, H. (2009)The Different Mechanisms of Transformational and Transactional Leadership: The Role of Organizational Commitment. The Proceedings of International Conference on Scientific Invention.168-179

[6] Li, H., Wei, F. (2008)The antecedent, process and consequence of leadership emergence in self managing teams: A quasi experimental study, Proceedings of the XXIX International Congress of Psychology, 1172-1172

[7] Pei, R, Li, H.(2008) Core self-evaluations and Leadership Emergence in Autonomous Work Teams: the Mediating Effect of Team Process. Proceedings of 2008 International Conference on Information Management, Innovation Management and Industrial Engineering, 233-239


Current research

Dr Li’s current research interests focus on how the internet would influence individuals’ minds and behaviors including social behaviors, consumer behaviors and mental health behaviors.



Personality and Social Psychology;

Managerial Psychology/ Organizational Behavior;

Consumer Behaviors;

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