SONG Yinqiu

Name:  SONG Yinqiu


Title:  Professor


Tel:  86-10-82680916






Song Yinqiu is a professor at the School of Economics and Management, UCAS. She has been engaging in teaching and research in management science, fiscal and financial since 1987. Prof. Song has published more than 20 articles in academic journals and presented many papers in the academic conferences.


Research Areas

Management Science;

Fiscal and Finance;



1987    Graduate           University of Science and Technology of China

1985    Undergraduate   East China Normal University


Professional Experience

May 2008 -                     Professor at UCAS

Sept. 1987 - Apr. 2008    Teaching Assistant, Lecturer, Associate Professor, Professor at University of Science and Technology of China


Current Research

Fiscal Management and Policy;

Research Management;



The Economics of Money;

Banking and Financial Markets;

Economics in Everyday Life;

Macroeconomics ;