Liu Xielin

Name:  LIU Xielin


Research Areas: Innovation Management,Innovation Policy,Policy of Science and Technology


Administrative Title: Director of Research Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Highest Degree&Year Earned: Ph.D, 1994

Discipline:Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management


Publication in the Past 5 Years:


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Projects Statistics:

1) Number of Research Projects in the Past 5 Years: 5

2) Number of Industrial Projects in the Past 5 Years: 16

3) Number of Inter-discipline Research Projects: 2


Teaching Cases: 1


Honor and Awards: Lixin TANG Outstanding Instructor Award; Science and Technology Progress Award by Ministry of Education; CAS Educational Achievement Prize; Social Science Prize by Ministry of Education; Outstanding Contribution Award of the First China Society of Technical Economics; Outstanding contribution to science and technology policy in China; highly cited scholar in business, management and accounting by ELSEVIER


Social Activities: Editor of Science of Science and Management of S&T