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          Name: DONG Jichang 

          Title: Professor 

          Tel: 86-10-82680675 



          Research Areas:  

              Finance Management 

              Real Estate Finance and Economics



Professor Dong Jichang is the director of the Research Center for Applied Economics at the School of Economics and Management, UCAS. He has published more than 80 papers, 2 Monographs, and 6 Series since 2003. Also he has successfully applied for a number of research projects sponsored by NSFC, NSSF, and CAS, etc. In 2011 Dong Jichang won the “Lu Jiaxi Young Scientists Award”. Now, he is the associate editor of Real Estate Research, Member of the editorial board of International Real Estate Review.



2003    PhD.    Institute of System Sciences, CAS


Professional Experience

June 2010 -                     Professor at  UCAS

Feb. - Aug. 2010              Senior visiting scholar at Baruch College of CUNY

Dec. 2004 - May 2005      Research fellow at Konan University, Japan

Oct. - Dec. 2002              Research assistant at City University of Hong Kong

Oct. 2001- Jan. 2002        Research assistant at City University of Hong Kong



Selected publications in international journals

[1] A Modified Penalty Function Method for Minimization with Inequality Constraints, International Journal of Revenue Management, 1474-7332, 2010

[2] Impact of subsidy on low-rent housing lessees’ welfare in China,International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making,2011

[3] Five Factors Model of Leadership,Journal of Information and Decision Science,2009

[4] A Distributed Approach for Portfolio Selection Decision Support System,2009

[5] Jichang Dong, Shouyang Wang, Helen S. Du, Xiaotie Deng and Kang Chen, A framework of portfolio selection for Web-based decision support systems with OLAP and PVM, Decision Support Systems, 37, 367-376, 2004

[6]Jichang Dong, Shouyang Wang, Jianming Shi, Yi Xue and Shuqin Liu, A trust-region algorithm for equality-constrained optimization via a reduced dimension approach, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 152, 99-118, 2003

[7] Jichang Dong, Helen S. Du, K. K. Lai and Shouyang Wang, XML based decision support systems: Case study for portfolio selection, International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making, 3(4), 651-662, 2004

[8] Jichang Dong, K.K. Lai and Shouyang Wang, XML-based schemes for Business Project Portfolio Selection, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3327, 254-262, 2005

[9] Jichang Dong, Application of integrated web service-based E-business and web services-based business process monitoring, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 3828/2005,375-384, 2005

[10] Jichang Dong, An Integrated Web Services-Based E-Business Application,International Journal of Knowledge and Systems Sciences, Vol. 2, No. 2, 60-66, 2005

[11] Shuqing Liu, Jichang Dong, A stochastic approach to hotel revenue management considering multiple-day stays,International Journal of Information Technology & Decision making, 5(3), 545-556, 2006


Current Research

[1] “Research on early warning of financial risks in real estate of China”, sponsored by Prediction Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences

[2] “Research on Regional and Economic Control Policies Differences of Real Estate Market’s in China”, sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of Chin.

[3] “Research on Forecast of Macro-Economy in China”, sponsored by Prediction Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences



Financial Engineering;

Financial Economics;

Real Estate Finance and Economics;

Data, Model and Decision;