GONG Qiguo



          Name: GONG Qiguo 

          Title: Professor 

          Tel: 86-10- 8268-0806 

          E-mail: gongqg@ucas.ac.cn


          Research Areas: 

            Supply Chain Management 

            Operations Management 

            Lean Production or TPS



Gong Qiguo is an associate professor at the School of Economics and Management, University of Chinese Academy Sciences.



2002    Ph.D    Tsinghua University


Professional Experience

2005-            Associate professor at UCAS

2002-2005     Assistant professor at UCAS



Selected publications in international journals

[1] Gong Q, Wang, S, and Lai, KK. 2009. Stochastic Analysis of TPS: Expose and Eliminate Variability by Highly Specifying WCP. International Journal of Production Research. 47(3): 751-775

[2] Gong, Q., K.K Lai and S. Wang, 2008, Supply chain networks: Closed Jackson network models and properties. International Journal of Production Economics, 113 (2): 567-574(9)

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[9] Zhao X. Q. Gong, K. Nakashima, 2000, An Optimization Problem in a Production System with a New Control Strategy, the 27th International Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering to be held in Beijing, China



Operation Management;

Supply Chain Management;