LI Xiuting

          Name: LI Xiuting

          Title: Associate Professor

          Tel: 86-10-82680915


          Research Areas:

             Macroeconomic Policy

             Real Estate Economics



2007-2012 Ph.D., Management Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences

2003-2007, Bachelor of Finance, China Agricultural University



1. LI Xiuting, GAO Peng, DONG Jichang, The Micromechanism of Risk Formation in China Real Estate Financial Market Price[C]. Global Chinese Real Estate Congress 2011, 2011.

2. LI Xiuting, LU Jing, GAO Peng, DONG Jichang, Research on Actuarial Pricing Model of Reverse Mortgage Based on Floating Rate and Fluctuant Housing Price[C]. Global Chinese Real Estate Congress 2010, 2010.

3.Xiuting Li, Geng Peng, Hong Zhao, Fan Liu. Application Study of Brand Niche Theory in B2C Brands Overlap and Breadth Measurement[C]. International Conference on Data Engineering & Internet Technology, 2011.

4.WU Di, LI Xiuting, Terry N CLARK, DONG Jichang, Research on the residential demand of Chinese Urban Citizen Based on Scene Theory[C], Global Chinese Real Estate Congress (ISTP), Hangzhou, 2011.

5.Di Wu, Rui Lin, Chao Song, Xiuting Li and Jichang Dong. Integration of Geographic Information System and Scenes Theory For Enhance Culture-based Urban Management [J]. International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making (SCI) (Under Review)

6.Guangli Nie, Xiuting Li, Lingling Zhang, Yuejin Zhang, Yong Shi, Knowledge Intelligence: a New Field in Business Intelligence[C], Workshop on Intelligent Knowledge Management (EI), Beijing, China, 2009

7. Fan Liu, Benfu Lv, Geng Peng, Xiuting Li, Influenza Epidemics Detection Based on Google Search Queries[C]. International Conference on Data Engineering and Internet Technology (EI), Indonesia, 2010


Current Research

The differential control of real estate market.

The influence of microcosmic main body behavior on real estate market.