DUAN Yibing

Name: DUAN Yibing


Research Areas: Technology Policy and Management, Law of Science and Technology

E-mail: duanyb@casipm.ac.cn


Highest Degree&Year Earned: Ph.D, 1997

Discipline:Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management


Publication in the Past 5 Years:

1)English Journals&Journal Citations (SSCI/SCI/EI/CSSCI)

1.The power of triple contexts on customer-based brand performance —A comparative study of Baidu and Google from Chinese netizens’ perspective. International Business Review, 2015, 24 (1): 11–22 SSCI 


2) Chinese Journals&Journal Citations (SSCI/SCI/EI/CSSCI) 

1. Review and Prospect of China's scientific and technological reform and opening up in the past 40 years 2020 CSCD 

2. Outlook for technological innovation of paper industry in the post epidemic era paper information 2020 

3. Value creation and strategic transformation of green technology innovation, 2019 

4. Daihuan Chen, Yibing Duan, Ziyan Pan.The impact of dual relationship network on the output of returned scientists -- Taking China's "one thousand young talent program" as an example [J]. China Science and Technology Forum. 2015 (09) CSSI


Projects Statistics:

1) Number of Research Projects in the Past 5 Years: 6

2) Number of Industrial Projects in the Past 5 Years: 2


Honor and Awards: The Second Class Prize of Qinghai Province for Science & Technology Progress


Social Activities: Review expert, MOST, National Key R&Dprogram of China; Review expert, MOST, The Fourteenth Five-Year National Plan of Science, Technology and Innovation; Member of the Council, China Society of Science of Science and Policy of Science and Technology; Vice-Chief Supervisor, China Society of Science of Science and Policy of Science and Technology; Member of the Council of Association of Science of Science and Policy of Science and Technology of China.