WU Desheng

Name: WU Desheng

Title: Professor

Research Areas: Finance, Environmental Economics, Decision Analysis, Risk Management

E-mail: dwu@ucas.ac.cn

Administrative Title: Director of UCAS Environment Research Center, Dean of the School of Belt&Road


Highest Degree&Year Earned: Ph.D, 2006

Discipline: Finance and Statistics


Publication in the Past 5 Years:


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Projects Statistics:

1) Number of Research Projects in the Past 5 Years: 7

2) Number of Industrial Projects in the Past 5 Years: 6


Consultancy Report adopted by the Government or Company: 25


Patents: 5


Honor and Awards: Young Scientist of Chinese Academy of Sciences; the second prize of Excellent Achievements of Universities by the Ministry of Education; Commercial Development Research Achievement Award by the Ministry of Commerce; Elsevier Highly Cited Chinese Scholars.


Social Activities: Chairman of Services Systems Engineering Branch of Systems Engineering Society; Chairman of IEEE System Council Risk analytical; Senior editor of Decision Support Systems; Area editor of International Journal of Production Research; Area editor Applied Mathematical Modelling; Editorial Board of Annals of Operations Research.