Research Center for Applied Economics

Research Center for Applied Economic was founded in 2001, and Professor Dong Jichang is the director of the center. The center now has eight professors, two associate professors, one assistant professor and five postdoctoral researchers, among whom two are members of Hundred Talents Program of CAS and two winners of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. Meanwhile, the center has retained many well-known economists and management scientists as long-term consultants, such as Liu Yuanzhang, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and the father of China Quality Management, and Chen Xikang, a well-known Chinese expert in Input-output Economics and a forecaster in Agricultural Economics. At present, several members of the center serve as chief editors or editorial board members in several Chinese or foreign core journals, including Energy Economics, Information and Management, Economic Systems Research and Management Review.

The center, as the academic and policy research arm of MSGUCAS, aims to realize complementary advantages through trans-institute and interdisciplinary attempts, to integrate superior forces of the center, and to develop close contact with the government and industrial sectors. It also aims to provide the central leadership and government decision-making departments with a scientific basis for making major policy decisions, and thereby contributes positively to China’s economy and society. Since its founding, the center has undertaken and completed a number of National Natural Science Foundation projects, National Social Science Fund projects, international cooperation research projects, projects commissioned by local governments and researches entrusted by large state-owned enterprises and leading enterprises. Many of the prominent research achievements reported to the central decision-making departments were directly responded by state leaders and have had significant influence on the national economy.

In addition to its outstanding original achievements in research, the center also teaches and trains the postgraduates and MBA students in Applied Economics, and thus to foster students’ creativity in academic thoughts. A great number of high-quality students with extensive theoretical and practical financial knowledge have graduated. Meanwhile, the center attaches great importance to international cooperation, and it has established close collaborative research relationships with a number of related research centers and scholars from a number of world-leading universities, such as the University of Chicago, New York State University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Each year it also provides a large amount of research funding and scholarships for students to participate in various international economics and management research conferences and academic exchanges.

Research Areas

Macroeconomic Forecasting and Analysis; Input-output, Regional Economics; Urban Economics; Real Estate Economics; Econometrics; Energy Economics; Behavioral Economics; Evolutionary Economics; Financial Management

Principle Membership

LIU Yuanzhang            CHEN Xikang            WANG Shouyang            YANG Cuihong

DONG Jichang            TONG Rencheng        SHI Minjun                      SONG Yinqiu

YANG Ruyan               XU Jian                     WU Di