Name Title Research Interests E-mail
YIN Hongxia Professor Financial Engineering and Risk Management;Optimization Method and Big Data Application;Matrix Optimization and Its Financial Applications;Nonlinear Optimizing Model;Algorithm and Theory
ZHANG Jianfang Professor Quality Management; Food Quality and Safety
ZHANG Lingling Associate Prof. Knowledge Management; Data Mining
ZHANG Qiuliu Assistant Prof. Strategic Management; Marketing Management
ZHANG Sha Associate Prof. Cross-cultural comparison of consumer behavior;Omni-channel marketing;Mobile Social Commerce
ZHANG Shidi Associate Prof. Corporate Finance; Venture Capital
ZHAO Hong Professor Brand Management; Marketing Management
ZHENG Dan Assistant Prof. Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Regional Economics and Urban Economics;New Economic Geography Model;Agglomeration Economy;Regional Income Disparity;Regional Economic Growth
ZHOU Guanghui Associate Prof. Operation Management;Optimization and Decision Making;Information System Engineering Theory and Technology
ZHU Xiumei Associate Prof. Application of the Theory and Methods of Social Network and Social Capital;Online Social Networking and Social Capital;Impact of the Diversity of Knowledge and Cultural Background on the Performance of Individual and Team;Trust