Name Title Research Interests E-mail
SONG Yinqiu Professor Management Science
SUN Jiajing Associate Prof. Econometrics;Economics;Finance
SUN Yi Associate Prof. Ananlysis of Cyber Bahavior; Cyber Economics
TAN Hongjun Associate Prof. Strategic Scientists’ Leadership;Science and Technology Leadership;Temperament and Character Analysis of Leaders;Training Theories and Practice
TANG ChaoYing Professor R&D Team Creativity Management;Emotion And Creativity
TIAN Xin Associate Prof. Virtual Business;Supply Chain Finance;Operations Management;Business Automation
TIAN Yingjie Professor Mathematical Programming;Machine Learning;Data Mining;Support Vector Machine;Intelligent Knowledge Management;Risk Analysis and Management
WANG Dongmei Associate Prof. Financial Accounting; Financial Analysis
WANG Qian Associate Prof. Logistics/Supply Chain Management
WANG Shouyang Professor Financial Engineering and Risk Management; Economic Forecast