Name Title Research Interests E-mail
WANG Shuming Associate Prof. Operations and management;Uncertain decision-making and optimization and their applications in medical and health management;Business intelligence;Energy and environmental supply chain;Finance
WEI Xianhua Professor Portfolio Management Strategies; Financial Markets and Risk
XIAO Jianhua Associate Prof. Financial Strategy; Intellectual Capital
XU Jian Associate Prof. Input-output Analysis; Applied Econometrics
XU Yanmei Professor Organizational Culture; Corporate Bionics
XUE Yiming Associate Prof. Marketing And Brand Building; CRM
YAN Yan Associate Prof. Real Estate Finance; Financial Engineering
YANG Haizhen Professor International Capital Movement and Financial Stability
YANG Ruyan Associate Prof. Finance And Management; Economical Finance
YAO Kai Associate Prof. Uncertainty theory;Maintenance theory;Asset pricing;Emergency Risk Analysis