Name Title Research Interests E-mail
LIU Ronghui Associate Prof. Applied Psychology
Liu Xielin Professor Innovation Management,Innovation Policy,Policy of Science and Technology
LIU Xiuli Researcher Macro Economic Modeling and Policy Evaluation
LIU Xiwen Researcher Information science basis, information service, Industry development strategy, Technogoligy value evaluation
LIU Ying Associate Prof. Business data analysis, Internet economy, E-commerce, Internet finance
LONG Wen Professor Financial market, Financial data analysis, Fictitious economy
LU Fengbin Associate Researcher Time Series Analysis, Study on Global Commodity Market
LU Tao Associate Prof, Technology Innovation Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management
LUAN Dalong Researcher Financial Engineering, Project Management
LYU Benfu Professor Network Economy, Big Data Analysis, Business Model Design, Management Wisdom and Strategy