Name Title Research Interests E-mail
WANG Dongmei Associate Prof. Financial Accounting, Financial analysis
WANG Feiyue Researcher ntelligent Control, Social Computing, Parallel Intelligence, Knowledge Automation, Parallel Management and Control
WANG Jue Associate Researcher Economic forecasting, Machine learning
WANG Qian Associate Prof. Operations Management, Supply Chain Management
WANG Shouyang Professor Decision Analysis, Financial Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Economic Analysis and Forecasting, Policy Analysis
WANG Shuming Associate Prof. Management Science & Engineering, Optimization under Uncerainty, Robust Optimization
WEI Xianhua Professor Financial Risk Management, Financial Management, Portfolio Management
WU Desheng Professor Finance, Environmental Economics, Decision Analysis, Risk Management
XIA Jianming Researcher Mathematical Finance, Mathematical Economics
XIAO Jianhua Associate Prof. Intellectual Capital, Financial Strategy Management